Transformational Coaching

~ Finding - Being Your True Divine Self Spurs to Manifest Highest Level of Health On All Levels Of Your Life ~


Health on all levels of our being is so important, as the health of any aspect of our lives greatly impacts the other aspects, and the whole. We are all connected, so our health indirectly effects the health of those around us and humanity too.  

When our health is higher on any level, it raises our vibration which impacts those around us.

The Transformational Coaching available to you is a step by step process where the biggest area of concern is addressed first of course. Specific, effective tools and tasks are provided to you, which you use to work on your self on your own, in order to go deeper to the root of it, while continued insights, intuitive guidance and support is provided in follow up sessions, as continued progress is made.

Getting to the root of the issue is invaluable: when it is addressed, a release of deeply engrained patterns, habits, chronic difficulties, and struggles occur.  Pent-up energies are released, the body mind and spirit is elevated, and the entire self benefits.

Your sessions can include - depending on what is needed:

A empathetic sounding board of presence to share the concerns 

Learning new, effective tools to work on your own

Feedback, support, insights, next steps

In person or remote Intuitive Energy Balancing Work

Dietary and Lifestyle assessments via Functional Medicine

And more.

As deep patterns, pain, stress, difficulties - etc are cleared, a higher level of joy and meaning of life naturally

results. The goal is to return to our True State of Being - that what I call - the Divine Self where truest health


lives. Ever-expansive joy, love, empowerment, increased stamina, longevity, and ability to reach goals


results from such important work.


In office or remote via phone or Zoom

For a consultation or more information:


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"Dr. Caralina, Thank you for my session today, I feel so peaceful. You are a master!"