Functional Medicine

The medical establishment offers incredible solutions, and can be an appropriate way to address physical issues. 

However, many people have seen that there are limitations within that construct. Medicine can offer solution for serious issues, but it does not recognize or address the deeper causes of disease. It can provide medications or surgeries which are essential at times, but does not look deeper. So then there is a cyclical situation: symptoms are addressed, but true, deep health is not established and the cycle perpetuates itself. Eventually, one is not living a vibrant life, but chasing after symptoms with possibly more and more medications. 

Sound familiar?

Functional Medicine looks to the foundational running systems of the body, lifestyle, diet, and self care for creating a strong, healthy baseline. As the foundational systems are strengthened, it creates an up level of health in entirety. Vibrant health!

Dr. Caralina uses state of the art lab testing to check those foundational systems such as: The HPA- axis - the Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal Axis - which directly influences the immune system, the stress response, and almost all systems in the body. Other systems are checked: the all-essential state of gut health, toxicity and liver health, and more.

A specific plan of action with natural supplements, dietary changes, proper food choices, support for stress management and more is formulated just for that patient.

A step by step, one at a time  plan of action is created, depending on the pace the patient needs. 

True healing is a process - vibrant health is the goal!

"I practice Functional Medicine directly because I was a patient: after hopeless and debilitating exhaustion, immune system issues, low function and recurring illnesses, I was made aware of this amazing approach - it turned my health around.

I have since been offering Functional Medicine as part of my practice.

How it's done:

First, we set a time for a consultation, and see if we are a fit. If so, intake forms are sent and filled, and a plan of action for lab testing is established, based on the patient's needs. We go from there as a team, using what modalities are appropriate. 

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