Intuitive CranioSacral Therapy

Come experience my Intuitive CranioSacral Therapy - "CST"  

It is a most nurturing technique. 

Incredibly Soothing, Gentle, Nurturing Care For Stress, Trauma, Headaches, Jaw Pain & Dysfunction, Neck Pain, Vertigo, Low Back Pain, Chronic as well as Acute Issues, Systemic Tension. Common patients to receive CST are victims of car accidents or trauma of any kind - head bumps, chronic neck pain, chronic stress, and more. 

Excellent for physical issues, stress issues, or both.

​Gentle placement of hands to the head, neck and other parts of the fully clothed body to tap into the body's rhythm.  This quiet, focused therapy subtly unwinds and releases tension in the connective tissue system throughout the cranium and fascia of the body.  ​To put it simply (there is a lot more to it...) it provides ​gentle effective unwinding to the connective tissue system, calms the central nervous system, and results in deep relief and healing.  Since 1994, I have enjoyed the true gift of providing this gentle, relaxing, deeply therapeutic work.
Imagine just letting go and allowing yourself to receive a caring nurturing touch which deeply teaches the nervous system to be calm, and allows your body - mind - and spirit to unwind and to release deep stress and pain. Patients report that they feel much better, feel "more connected" and "deeply relaxed" - the work I do releases and unwinds restrictions and the pent up energies held deep within the connective tissue system and it's interface between the skeletal, brain, and muscular systems.  The cerebrospinal fluid flow through the brain and around the spinal cord is balanced and the parasympathetic nervous system in enhanced for innate healing at the deepest level.

Every session is different and is geared towards exactly what is needed. It unfolds moment by moment as unfolding interaction between the patient and my intuitive connection.

Some patients respond better to my Intuitive CST than any chiropractic adjustments at all.

Excellent for the sensitive, stressed, traumatized, and ever gentle patients.

  • Emotional stress and pent up energies which are held in the body are released, resulting in a deep sense of peace and inner connection.

  • Feedback from the session is provided during or after the session, as needed.

  • Breathing becomes much deeper as the stress of the diaphragm is released.

  • Receive nurturing support for stress and trauma - both physical and emotional.

  • ​Chronic pain and injuries through the body and beyond is relieved.

  • Migraines and tension headaches respond amazingly well. 

  • Chronic systemic inflammation.

  • Low back pain is reduced. 

  • CST is extremely effective for whiplash injuries, brain fog, 

  •  Jaw pain, dysfunction, tightness: TMJ disorders respond greatly, especially with use of work on the muscles of mastication (chewing), including the pterygoids and other associated muscles.

  • Excellent for any kind of trauma where the body is too traumatized for the classic chiropractic adjustment. Successful treatment for victims of auto accidents who need the most gentle treatments. 

  • Chronic issues respond well - as the adhesions within the connective tissue system are unwound.