LifeWave Photo Therapy

Introduction to                        Light Therapy



Have you ever heard of it before?  

This is scientific, cutting edge technology here for your improved health and vitality. LifeWave patches use your own infra-red heat/light to activate the specific biological signal in a patch that is applied to certain points on your body. Nothing goes through the skin.

Check out the applications:

- X39: Activate your Stem Cells to promote healing   from the inside out. They Increase collagen production, reduce inflammation, and a lot more.

- X49: Increases endurance & stamina. Increase muscle mass, endurance and energy.

- Aeon: Decreases inflammation & increases the stress response. Excellent for stress.

- Glutathione: For immune system health & detoxification.

- Alavida: Targets the skin for youthful glow. Focuses on specific anti-oxidation to the skin.

- SP6 Complete: Assistance for weight loss.

- Ice Wave: Temporary pain management.

- Nirvana: Tells the body to make Serotonin for a         happier mood.

- Energy Enhancers: Naturally increases your energy  by telling he mitochondria to burn energy.

- Acu-Life: Ice Wave's for large animals like horses

- Carnosine: support for the brain and cardio-vascular systems - helps to heal muscles and nerves.

- Silent Nights: Helping you to sleep deeply by telling the body to make melatonin.


Personal                        Accounts 



As a Holistic Doctor with a passion for natural health care solutions, it is no accident that this technology found it's way into my life. In early 2020, a cherished relative shared her passion for this light therapy, as she had benefited from the Stem Cell activating patches (X39) as she was using them for improved eyesight after her opthalmologist had told her that she was losing eyesight via macular degeneration.

After using the X39 patches over a period of time, her medical doctor informed her that her macular degeneration stopped! She is no longer going blind.

They literally changed my own life too. Having experienced decades of  debilitating PTSD - chronic anxiety disorder and many daily panic attacks, I found that after a matter of weeks using the X39 & Aeon patches, I realized that my panic attacks had utterly stopped.

This alone is a game changer especially after having done everything possible to address the issue.

In addition to this, I have avoided the flu or any bug since I have been using them (Glutathione patches) have increased stamina, decreased effects of aging in my appearance, and increased quality of my health life all around.

Additionally, not one of the people I know who use the Glutathione patches regularly have gotten sick since they started to use them.


In my practice, they are a modality for pain (Ice Wave) and my patients love them.


Here are a few comments:

"They are amazing, since I started using them the X39 and the Carnosine, and Energy Enhancers, I have more stamina and energy than ever. They have helped me recover from shoulder strain. I used the Ice Wave patches when I hurt my shoulder and also my low back, and they took the pain right away. Also, I have more energy too." 




"I attended a regular volleyball competition for my daughter last weekend which is very intense and loud and can be stressful - but I noticed that this time, I was much more calm and in my center with the Aeon patches. They really help me sleep more deeply, too." E.L.

"I love these patches! They have changed my life! My body is transformed and since using them (X39, Glutathione, Energy Enhancers) I have lost 23 pounds and my blood pressure has gone down from 160 to 118. My skin is better, and as a nurse interacting with patients daily, I have not gotten sick since I have been on them" S.D.

" I have been using the LifeWave Glutathione patches for two years, and I am very satisfied with the results. In April 2020, I came down with a cough and I was worried that it might be covid. I very rarely get the flu and it did not feel like it was a cold. I began using the Glutathione patch the day after I started to feel badly, and within ten minutes, my cough was less intense and began to go away. Within two days, my cough was gone. It seemed to me, by using the Glutathione patch, it helped my body to recover quicker than with any previous care I had had before. In May 2020, I had another cough with aching in my lungs. I had not been using the patch every day since I got them, but I immediately applied one. Just like in April, my cough began to subside in ten minutes and I felt fine within two days. In both instances, I never got sick enough to need a doctor. It is now March 2022 and I use the Glutathione patch almost every day. I have  not developed a cough or cold since May 2020. I will always have the patches on hand.


" I love these new X49 patches! They give me more energy and stamina and I know they help me burn fat. I feel more "in" my body, I feel more alive in my body, too - I have a lot more vitality as well."