" Dr. Caralina’s neck adjustments are the most gentle I have ever had!  I leave the office in the most relaxed state after an adjustment and craniosacral work.  It’s the most relaxed I get during my week, and at the end of a session on the table I’m in that peaceful place in between being awake and going to sleep that is so healing.  Thank you Dr.Caralina!."


"Dr. Caralina not only has an incredible healing and loving energy, but her treatments make me feel fabulous.

With each adjustment, my aura literally feels like it's expanding moment by moment in light and energy. I leave her office feeling refreshed, robust, and closer to enlightenment. Thank you, Dr. Caralina!"



"I highly recommended Dr. Kvalstad for help in healing & living pain free. She took her time to address my overall health & suggested changes that really made a difference.  Her treatment incorporates deep tissue message as part of her chiropractic adjustments that put me on a rapid track to recovery. Highly recommend for her overall approach & skills to adjust the body." R.C.

"Dr. Caralina, I feel great!  It's amazing how much of a release you were able to achieve.  In observing my posture, I can see clearly why I am rotated so much in my right pelvis.  That was such helpful information you gave me, especially going forward.
Thank you for your excellent healing expertise and your supportive and loving self."  


"My dentist referred me to Dr. Caralina to help with a jaw issue, and it has been my good fortune to have met her. In addition to a pain-free jaw, Dr. Caralina gave me instruction on how to correct my posture and worked out some other neck, spine, and sciatic nerve issues that have been bothering me for years. I did not realize that I had gotten used to a certain level of constant pain, and it has been life changing to discover that I can live virtually pain-free. She is gentle yet firm when needed, and very trustworthy, empathetic, intuitive, and kind. I highly recommend her, and am grateful for her expert skill and knowledge."


"I was a chiropractor for 15 years and believe Dr. Kvalstad to be not only a highly skilled, thorough and trustworthy technician, but one of the most ethical and likable chiropractors I've ever met. She deeply cares about her work, takes the time to explain everything and clearly draws from a broad base of knowledge. I saw her for CranioSacral Therapy and also traditional spinal adjusting. It was a comfortable experience, I learned a lot and felt fantastic afterward. I highly recommend anyone even wondering if chiropractic is right for them see her for at least a consultation. You will be glad you did!"


"Working with Caralina has been enormously beneficial to me...her adjustments and CranioSacral work is of the highest

caliber and quite frankly, as an energy healer myself, I am very picky about who I receive from whether that be an energetic or physical adjustment. I feel the energy flowing better in my physical body as well as in my own energetic channels after I have a session with Caralina. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"


"I have had chronic back pain for many years and have tried a million things for relief --including surgery, PT, steroid shots, you name it!  The discomfort I constantly experience contributes to my tendency toward anxiety and depression.  Living with this for so long has made me extremely skeptical that anything could help my condition.  When I started seeing Dr. Caralina, all of this began to shift.  She really understands the mechanisms of the body, is kind and nurturing, and is a true healer.   Not only is she a Doctor of Chiropractic, but also an amazing massage therapist and a gifted CranioSacral practitioner.  Our sessions include all of these modalities.  We end our sessions with the CranioSacral work and I always feel like I've experienced something magical.  It seems to take all the stress out of my body and leaves me uplifted and relaxed.  Every time I leave her office my back pain is greatly diminished and I feel calm and my spirits are lifted. This is no small thing!  Dr. Caralina is really special and has been a great gift in my life!"


"Dr. Caralina is fantastic to work with, she really listens to what is going on and is dedicated to helping unravel the issues to get the root of the problem. I came to her with intense neck and shoulder issues which she worked diligently on - I no longer get the headaches that were creating so much pain. Now I see her for maintenance and have had great improvements in my posture. She helps keep my body feeling great. I enjoy her compassionate presence and the fact that she works with only one person at a time giving you the attention needed for healing."


"I can not say enough great things about Caralina.  I injured my back at work in April and went to Kaiser and they of course prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxants which do nothing but get you sleepy.  I have been in constant pain for months - couldn't dance or hike or work without great pain - even sleeping was painful.  I decided to go back to work anyway and a new pain - sciatica entered the picture.  Ouch.  I never knew much about Chiropractic work but my friends urged me to go.  I can't believe I suffered for 8 months.  In just one session I felt such a relief from the pain and after work all day on my feet I was still pain free.  I just finished my second session and I feel amazing.  She is kind and gentle and really intuitive about what you need.  If you are suffering please go see Caralina right away!!!!!  You will be so grateful.  I am looking forward to continuing our sessions and being pain free.  Woot Woot."


"Dr. Kvalstad is simply the best chiropractor I've ever been to.  She's the only chiropractor who performed a thorough assessment, identified the root cause for much of my misalignment and prescribed daily practices to remediate. Additionally Caralina provides focused one on one service, unlike many chiropractors who treat multiple patients simultaneously. While most other chiropractors that I've been to apply the typical 'back cracking' treatment regardless of the issue, Caralina drew on a range of modalities and therapies to treat my specific problem. She resolved my lower back issues, resulting in elimination of back pain and vastly improved flexibility. I've been to her several times now, and coincidentally discovered that a friend also sees her and feels exactly the same. I highly recommend Caralina for her professionalism, wealth of knowledge and her healing skills."


"I saw Dr. Kvalstad after a road bike accident that left me with neck, shoulder, hip and back injuries. It was the first bad accident I'd ever had, so I was very upset and afraid. She quickly put me at ease by listening to my concerns with understanding and sympathy. She was honest about what was happening and what the healing process might look like. 
She set up an intensive treatment plan which I believe directly contributed to my rapid and full recovery. 
Three months later, I feel great and am very thankful for all the help and care I've received from Dr Kvalstad".


"Although I have been treated by a number of Chiropractors over the years, none has been as thorough as Dr. Caralina, After asking specific questions about my overall health and treatment preferences, and performing a comprehensive examination, she was able to pinpoint several areas of concern and suggest a course of treatment. After just a couple of sessions, I was able to resume my exercise program with a level of energy that I had not experienced in many years. Her skilled hands have worked magic on my body and I would highly recommend her to 
anyone looking for a Chiropractor who can tailor a treatment program to their specific needs and sensitivities".

D. K.

"I was wandering along San Anselmo Avenue one day thinking, "I need to find a local chiropractor," when I saw Dr. Kvalstad's face smiling at me from the flyer on her office door. After checking her out on Yelp, I made an appointment and have been seeing her for chiropractic care ever since. She knows just how to adjust my neck and hips 
to address various old car accident and overuse issues. 
Plus she offers massage and CranioSacral therapy. Her office is bright and sunny, with easy parking nearby. 
I always leave my appointments feeling relaxed and about five inches taller!"


"I came to Dr. Caralina Kvalstad after a mountain biking accident that left me with severe whiplash, misplaced hips and a bad limp. Through her chiropractic and Cranio-Sacral treatment, I recovered more quickly than I could have ever imagined, and began walking normally and feeling fantastic after just a couple of sessions. Now I continue to see her because she makes me feel like a new person. Dr. Caralina's office environment is safe, open, and soothing, and I am in constant awe of how well she’s able to understand my body and treat me so that I feel INCREDIBLE after each session. Her extensive experience and knowledge in the area of healing is clear and I recommend her to everyone."  


"I have been a patient of Dr. Caralina Kvalstad for about 8 years after being diagnosed with degenerative disease and cervical stenosis.  With her help, I have avoided surgery, using a combination of adjustments, diet, stretching, massage therapy and CranioSacral Therapy.  She is truly a healer with an intuitive (mixed with scientific) sense of individual treatment.  I have referred several nurse friends to her over the years.  I would highly recommend her."  


"Unlike others I've experienced Dr Caralina Kvalstad took the time to understand my situation and treat it thoroughly.  I recently came in with debilitating lower back pain.  Her diagnosis and treatment were very effective,  The results were amazing to me.  After the first session most of the pain was gone and my mobility was restored.  I followed her instructions, received follow-up adjustments and within three days I was free of pain.  Within less than a week I no longer felt any need to protect my back.  Weeks later I feel healthy and free to express myself fully.  What a great result!   ;-)  I am grateful."  


"Hopes are Reality:  
I was hoping to find someone that could really help me with holistic improvement. I was excited and afraid to experiment with the Cranio-Sacral Therapy.   The great appreciation of receiving true holistic healing sessions can not match the great effects that I now enjoy.  Dr. Caralina has a strength, balance, insight and nurturing that is quite powerful in the energy and positive intent in which she administers her attributes. This a gift for your personal health; what is more valuable?  
My best,

"Dr. Caralina is a very caring, talented practitioner and I much appreciate going to someone who has so many modalities to use in her healing practice.  I go to her on a regular basis, as I always feel much more flexible after she has adjusted me.   Recently,  I was particularly grateful for her work, as she quickly helped me to regain the full range of motion in my arm muscles, which were very stiff after an accident.  Also, last year, I had a very painful sciatica episode, and, after a very few sessions, it totally went away.   I can highly recommend her."  Sue Hayes,   Mill Valley 

"Earlier this year, I had been plagued by severe lower back pain. At times, I could hardly walk or sit comfortably at the piano. I was working with three other chiropractors, with only little success, until I met Dr. Caralina Kvalstad. With her help, I have experienced more healing in three weeks than with the others in three months.  Her work is marvelous, and she is a blessing to have in our local community."
Steven Halpern, recording artist, sound healer.

"Always encouraging when you feel at ease enough on first visit with a new practitioner, that you can afford the level of trust and openess the body really requires in order to heal on a deeper, albeit subtler level. Just after one session the chronic pain in my forearms from excessive repetitive construction work diminished almost 90%. Dr.Caralina has been a great source of rejuvenation to a tired and over stressed body. THANK YOU!"  


"I was referred to Dr. Caralina by a massage therapist  who was helping me with an occupational injury.  I had never seen a chiropractor before and was not sure what to expect. After a comprehensive consult session we started a bi weekly treatment regiment. After about a month and half of receiving adjustments in conjunction with the message therapy, I was feeling great and back doing all the physical activities I love doing.  I still have periodical adjustments to stay aligned and feeling great. I would highly recommend Dr. Caralina to anyone looking for a talented chiropractor in Marin."


"I have been seeing Dr. Caralina for a short while and she has helped me immensely.   Not only is she an excellent chiropractor, she is knowledgeable about and shares her information on diet, exercise and supplements.  She is also great at CranioSacral work and massage therapy!  I would highly recommend her to anyone."  

J. B. 

"Dr. Kvalstad,
I want to thank you for your excellent care and caring personality.  You've made a noticeable difference in my quality of life."  

"I visited the good Dr. Caralina to see if she could address a particularly recalcitrant knot in my back. It was a nagging issue that had bothered me off and on for a decade. Massage hadn't done the trick. Caralina's mix of chiropractic correction and deep (and I mean deep!) tissue massage was the perfect salve. My back feels great and I now see her regularly as a preventive measure. I know so much more about how to carry myself to prevent injury. Go see her."  

J. M.

" Dear Dr. Caralina,
Thank you so much for the amazing work you have done with my cranky old body.  I have gone to many body workers and healers over the last ten years with very little effect.  A few weeks with you and I feel like a new person.
The combination of Chiropractic adjustments, deep massage, that cranial thing you do with my head and your loving attention to what you are doing has done wonders for my body and my attitude.  I have heard rumors that Angels walk among us, now I believe it.  I am telling all my friends about you.
Thank you again," 


"Dr. Caralina,
I have been getting bodywork and chiropractic from many practitioners over the years and I must say I am impressed with what you do.  (I normally don't write these kind of letters).  I enjoyed the depth of work you did on my body the other day, and am confident that we will continue to make progress on my hip, neck and shoulder issues.  I have been feeling like it would be great to find someone who could care for my bodies' soft tissue and skeletal issues at the same time.  I value your experience and expertise in both chiropractic and deep tissue work.  You are the first person I have found that is proficient in both, who is willing to use both modalities in treatment.  Regarding the CranioSacral session (on another visit):  it was my first experience of Cranialsacral therapy.  It was very relaxing, and I drove home feeling very deep and connected  while having a heightened level of awareness. I am glad that I now have another way to bring my body back to its deepest state."  


"I have complete faith and trust in Dr. Caralina Kvalstad.  I am impressed with her knowledge, expertise and compassion. She treats my body with the utmost respect. I was in bad shape with limited movement and lots of pain when I first came to see her after a whiplash injury. Dr.Kvalstad is working miracles on me. After each treatment I experienced increased mobility and less and less pain. She educates me as she works on me and gives me exercises I can do to participate in my healing. I am forever grateful to Dr. Kvalstad."  

C. C.

"I received thorough and completely effective treatment from Dr. Caralina.  She is indeed gifted. In the first session I experienced relief from back pain, and by the second treatment I had full range of motion and restored activity and previous levels of vitality and well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Caralina - she is wise, wonderful, skilled, and caring."  


"Excellent adjustments with a holistic approach to overall well-being. I have now been able to substantially reduce the pain meds I've taken for back pain. She is a compassionate listener and gives me realistic suggestions to improve my health. Highly recommend as the best chiropractor in Marin".  


"Dr. Caralina ROCKS!  I refer people to her all the time because I honestly believe that this lady has exceptional healing powers.  She is caring, professional and thorough. Her listening & evaluation skills demonstrate her dedication to finding the best treatment plan for each individual case. As a person who has had several unfortunate chiropractic experiences in the past, I was extremely skeptical to try again.  
Dr. Caralina gently lifted my pain in one session and made a believer out of me...I love her!"  


"Dr. Caralina has made it possible for me to function - I have had chronic back pain for years and with her expertise and talents- I can move again- amazing !!- I feel wonderful - thank you, thank you - I highly recommend this gifted practitioner."  R.C.

"Dr. Caralina is a very special and gifted healer with intuitive abilities that allow her to detect certain issues affecting our bodies, health and well being. Her CranioSacral Therapy treatments are very special, and enlightening. The healing energy she channels as well as the information provided left me feeling terrific."  


"Dr Caralina has helped me feel and look straighter and taller.  Her combination of chiropractic and deep massage has increased my feeling of aliveness, health, and well being. Her ability to "read" what is going on in my body and mind lets her know what I need at the time. Then she does the physical adjustment to match the need. Net result ---I feel great!"